Project Management

Assisting clients from the initial project planning stage (including site selection) through completed redevelopment, including advising clients about the hiring of other technical consultants, design development, contractor management, construction management, and permitting.







Land Use and Economic Planning

Preparing strategic development plans for an area or specific site which enable client to understand the range of steps needed to successfully attract new investments in housing, businesses and jobs. Evaluating the economic returns from infrastructure and other public investments. DLW also acts as lead or sub-consultant on projects requiring extensive stakeholder facilitation and engagement.






Public Private Financing

Advising clients about alternative financing strategies for key projects using a mix of public and/or private funding sources, including private debt, tax credits, and public grants.  DLW is also assisting clients negotiate and recoup excessive real property taxes invoiced at assessments above market value of their assets or above similar properties.





Development Partnership

Pursuing partnerships and real property acquisitions to redevelop sites with significant potential for mixed use or residential development across the city.  DLW has established relationships with notable members of the real estate development community who are well capitalized and seeking new investment opportunities.




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Real Estate & Land Use Advisory

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